Stop searching for the garage door parts you need and let us help


Save yourself the headache, the searching and wondering what part to get and talk to someone who knows the ins and outs of garage doors. We’d be surprised if we can’t help you out.

We carry the following parts for your garage door:

If you have a garage door that runs along a track, then it relies on rollers to keep the door on that track. Your rollers are essentially wheels with bearings which are designed to keep this motion effortless. However, over time, these bearings can wear down, creating friction. You may also have a complete failure in the rollers of your door which can cause screeching noises. Or, you may have a door track that needs to be realigned to keep from breaking the next set of rollers you’re installing. Regardless of your needs, we have the proper rollers to fit the track of your door.

The hinges of your garage door connect the various panels of the door. Most common doors are outfitted with several hinges connecting the center and sides of each horizontal panel of the door. Doors with vertical panels (or carriage doors) are also outfitted with hinges which enable the folding motion as they’re opened and closed. We carry a selection of garage door hinges that are rated to handle the weight of your door. If you have a hinge that is broken, or your hinges struggle to fold over as you open and close your door, we can work with you to find the right parts.

The fixtures of your garage door connect to the corners of your garage. These components are also connected to rollers that rest on the tracks of your garage.  If you have fixtures that have snapped or bent, we can provide you with the proper set to fit your door and track.

Your garage door relies on bearings to run smoothly. Roller bearings contain ball bearings which roll freely within their casing, providing a nearly frictionless rolling wheel that fits in its tracks. If you have bad bearings in the rollers of your door, then we have the replacement parts you’ll need. We carry a catalog of bearings and bearing components, so you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your door.

If you have a torsion spring garage door, then it operates with cables that pull up the door. However, these cables don’t last forever and they can lose their resiliency. If you have cables that have snapped, or cables that no longer coil up into the torsion device properly, then we have the replacement parts that you require.

Torsion garages rely on a spring which holds tension that can be utilized to coil up your door cables. These springs effectively take the weight of your garage door. Eventually, these springs will lose their tension, which means that your door will be difficult to lift — since it will have to hold most of the weight of the door. If you have a snapped torsion spring or extension spring, or your spring has lost its torsion, then it’s time for a replacement. You can count on Front Range Raynor to find the right spring with the right amount of torsion to properly hold your door.

Traditional garage doors are outfitted with hardware that attaches to the panels of your door from its interior. These components are designed to hold the weight of the door as it is opened and closed, and they attach the rollers of your door to each individual panel. If you have fixtures that have been bent or broken, we have the replacement parts you’ll need to get your door back on track. We also carry a selection of designer fixtures and hinges that will improve the appearance of your door. These accent pieces break up the composition of your door with a bit more aesthetic appeal. We carry a catalog of designer hinges, door handles, and other accents.

The weatherstripping of your garage door is designed to keep outside air and the elements from seeping into your home. Without a proper climate seal, you’ll lose precious home and building heat through the cracks in your door. If you have loose weatherstripping, poor quality weatherstripping, or weatherstripping that has fallen off completely, we can provide you with a replacement. We also have weather stripping upgrades that are designed to provide you with even more climate control for your garage — which can prove to be an energy saver for those who need a climate-controlled work environment (for example, if you’re operating a woodshop in your garage).

The operator of your garage is its motorized component, and it works to raise and lower your garage. However, as the most complex component of your garage, there are several parts that can fail. We carry any and all of the components that you could need to fix your garage. We can also provide you with an entirely new operator for your door. If you’ve noticed that your door struggles to raise and lower, or if it is making odd noises, your operator may be to blame — you can count on Front Range Raynor to provide you with an upgrade or replacement parts.

If you open up the operator of your garage door, you’ll notice that the motor operates a gear or series of gears which, in turn, pull or release your door. With enough use, the gears of your operator can wear down, which can cause the door to slip. If your gears fail altogether, your garage can be quite hazardous, since it can fall without notice. If you suspect that your operator’s gears aren’t holding up, we can set you up with a gear kit that is designed to fit your current operator. Again, we also have full operator replacements if your motor is due for an upgrade.

The rails of your garage door serve as guides for your door. As your door raises and lifts, the panels of your door move up and down as well as forwards and backwards between these rails, with the rollers of your door resting on the rails themselves. Most door rails are configured at a 90 degree angle, with a curved section that allows the panels to fold a bit as they move from the vertical orientation to the horizontal (and vice versa). If you have rails that have been damaged, then your door may struggle to raise and lower, or it may get stuck and fail entirely. Regardless of your situation, we carry the replacement rails that you’ll need to properly guide and support your garage.

The traveler of your garage door attaches the chain of your door to the panels of the door via a door bracket. This specialized component is designed to enable your chain to move smoothly forwards and backwards, while also allowing the top panel of your door to move from horizontal to vertical orientations without a collision. In addition, if your operator is malfunctioning, your traveler may be utilized to manually pull up your door. If you have a traveler that is bent out of shape or entirely broken, we can connect you with the right traveler for your system.

Your garage door is outfitted with a series of brackets which are designed to hold the rails of your garage, the operator, and possibly to support the panels of your door (brackets can be outfitted with a hinge to provide extra support for the upper portion of garages or the entirety of garages for heavier models). While these brackets are designed to hold the heavy weight of your door, they can be hit or damaged, which can create a misalignment of your door. When this happens, you can come to Front Range Raynor for brackets that are cut to fit the dimensions and weight demands of your garage.

Whether your system is on its last leg or you want to upgrade your system with additional remotes or a keypad, we can help. We carry a variety of remotes, keypads, wallstations, and receivers so that you can open and close your garage door however you’d like. We carry a catalog of devices from various manufacturers, so we can retrofit your device to your current system or replace any components that have failed.

If you’re outfitting your garage door with vacuum components, we have a selection of versatile components that will give you even more convenience in your work space.