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Whether your old door is on its last leg or you’re simply looking for a facelift, we can help. We offer:

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  • Custom options that add beauty to your home

  • Improved aesthetics, protection and usability

  • Competitive, if not better, pricing than big box stores and other local competitors

  • Incredible installation and customer service

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Raynor is a world renowned garage door producer, specializing in the manufacturing of steel and aluminum doors and other products. Raynor produces both residential and commercial garage door products, and they’ve proven their grounds in both markets. Raynor’s motto is “Innovation, Quality, Reputation and Excellence,” and their values are reflected in their products. Since 1944, Raynor has been producing garage door products for residences. From there, Raynor has expanded their product line and clientele, further capturing their foothold in the market. These days, Raynor produces numerous doors, including some of the most modern products on the market (such as their insulated thermal garage doors). You’re sure to find the perfect solution with Raynor.

Clopay produces both commercial and residential garage doors, and they place an emphasis in providing value to homeowners and business owners. Clopay carries a wide variety of garage doors (as well as entry doors) that are designed to match the character and style of your home. Clopay doors are also highly customizable, in both dimension and color. Plus, Clopay doors are available in multiple materials, including steel, composite, wood, aluminum, and fiberglass. You can truly find any door you can imagine with Clopay.

Amarr produces garage doors, garage openers, and garage accessories. As another innovator in the garage door manufacturing industry, Amarr celebrates their diverse selection of garage door styles, colors, and additional products. You can find carriage-style garage doors, traditional-style doors, and specialty doors. Plus, Amarr produces doors in a variety of materials, including wood and steel. Amarr doors are also available in models that are designed to reduce thermal exchange between the interior of your garage and the outside, and specific Amarr door models are sound resistant, so your home can remain more protected from street noises. Amarr even produces garage doors that are designed to handle high wind loads. With Amarr, you can rest assured that you’ll find a garage door that is ideally designed to meet your specific needs.

C.H.I. produces solid garage doors for both commercial and residential applications, and they’re known for their heavy-duty construction and affordability. As C.H.I. mentions, they place emphasis in workmanship and quality. C.H.I. even produces garage doors for industrial applications, including large-scale overhead doors that are designed to withstand tough conditions, while still enabling the effortless passage of large equipment. For a sturdy door that’s still not short on design, C.H.I. is the obvious choice.

DoorLink carries as much diversity in their options as any other manufacturer on this list, and they produce both commercial and residential garage doors, including carriage-style doors. DoorLinks catalog is full of varied door designs, including windowed doors, patterned doors, and doors that mimic the features of classic carriage door designs. DoorLink boasts over a century of combined experience crafting doors for homeowners, business owners, and architects.

LiftMaster consistently innovates the garage door industry. LiftMaster provides hi-tech solutions for their modern garage doors, and they’re constantly paving the way for garage door devices and components. Plus, LiftMaster continues a tradition of producing garage doors that are highly sought-after for their design, reliability, and value. LiftMaster doors are also an easy choice for homeowners who are seeking a break-in resistant door, thanks to their design innovations. Again, LiftMaster produces both residential and commercial doors.


What garage door sizes do you install?2020-05-14T16:38:15-06:00

We install garage doors of all sorts of shapes and sizes, including large, industrial-size garage doors. So, whether you’re a homeowner looking for a standard-sized carriage garbage door installation, or you’re a business owner building a warehouse, we can install the garage door you demand. As we mentioned, we work with a variety of garage door producers who manufacture both residential and commercial garages, and we can work with our partnered manufacturers to create a garage door of nearly any size. If you’re designing a new garage, or you’re retrofitting a new door to an old garage, we can find a product that will perfectly fit your desires.

What kind of garage door designs, patterns, and colors are available?2020-05-14T16:39:10-06:00

Here at Front Range Raynor, we’ve partnered with a wide variety of garage door manufacturers so that you have access to a nearly unlimited selection of garage door designs. If you have a vision in mind, we’ll work with you to find the right garage door to meet your desires. Oftentimes, we work with homeowners to help them settle on a final design for their garage door, and we’d be happy to help you settle on a pattern, color, and material that perfectly suits your garage and the overall aesthetic that you’d like to achieve.

Do you provide garage door repairs as well as installations?2020-01-19T14:01:26-07:00

Absolutely! We provide garage door installations, as well as repair and part replacement services. We even supply garage door components if you’d like to repair or improve your garage door yourself (although we advise that you utilize our repair services for any work that could be dangerous — read more about the benefits of hiring a professional company below).

How long should my garage door last? What about its mechanical components?2020-01-19T14:01:26-07:00

Garage doors (not their mechanical components) often last for 30 years or more, depending on the door manufacturer, the material of the door, and the weather conditions to which the door is exposed throughout its lifetime. That said, garage door components can wear out far faster, including the springs, motor, track, and other components. Oftentimes, these components can wear out within 10 years of their initial installation — and weathering tends to go hand in hand with the amount of use (for example, a garage door motor may wear out twice as fast if you open the garage four times per day versus two times per day).

My garage door springs aren’t working, how much can I expect to pay for a garage repair?2020-05-14T16:41:06-06:00

Garage springs aren’t especially expensive (typically they are 30 dollars or less), but they are rather difficult and dangerous to replace. We suggest that homeowners DO NOT attempt to replace their garage door springs themselves, since they may cause harm (read more below in our “Benefits” section). If you hire a garage door repair professional, you can expect to pay about 200 dollars or less, depending on the model of the door, the size of the door, and other factors. If you’d like to get an estimate for garage your spring replacement project, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

What’s the difference between torsion springs and extension springs?2020-01-19T14:01:26-07:00

Torsion springs and extension springs are the two most lifting components which aid in holding the weight of the garage door as the motor lifts/lowers the door (or as a person manually lifts/lowers the door, for manual-operation garage doors). Extension springs are the most common spring in household doors, and they are heavy-duty springs that extend as the door is lowered, reducing the effort necessary to move the weight of the door. Similarly, torsion springs reduce the effort to move a garage door, but these springs are coiled in design, and they create torque instead of lift, moving a garage door at an angle, instead of in a straight line. Torsion springs are far less common today, especially in residential applications, since they must be customized depending on the weight of the door, and because they are more expensive. However, torsion springs are generally safer, and they may be the best choice for heavier doors.

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