Your garage may house the most expensive property that you own (aside from your home). As such, you should take steps to ensure that your belongings are secured when you shut that overhead door. So how can you make sure that nobody will wander into your garage to loot your tool chest or to run off with your three-grand road bike? You can mitigate the odds of a break-in and burglary with our tips.

Make Closing Easy & Automated

Opening and closing your garage door should be easy and effortless. Plus, it should be automated. If your garage door doesn’t have a timer that automatically shuts the door, then you may end up leaving your garage open and exposed overnight, which will turn it into prime picking for a thief who’s passing by. You can install an automated opener which can be programmed to shut after a certain amount of time (this feature can be turned off as well, if, for example, you’re working on a project in your garage for hours on end). These days, you can even install an opener that will track your usual opening and closing schedule; these openers can send a notification to your smart phone so that you’ll know if you accidentally left the door open as you rushed to work. You can even open and close the door remotely, so that you can let in the kids or guests while you’re away from the ol’ castle.

Install Motion Detection Lights

Motion detectors have been around for a while, and time has shown that they work. Install a detector above your garage to flood the driveway with light if someone should pass by. This tactic often proves sufficient to keep burglars from targeting their property, since they may be identified easily as they attempt a break-in. You can also install a motion detector near any side door that you may have to your garage.

Security Camera

Better yet, install a motion-detecting camera. These little devices can be triggered to record any movement, so that you’ll capture any criminal activity that occurs (if it isn’t deterred by the camera itself). Place security cameras strategically so that they’re plainly visible (this will help to deter burglaries), yet they’re out of reach (so that burglars don’t attempt to destroy the camera). And of course, the camera should point at any access point to your garage. Don’t forget that burglars can target your windows too!

Update Your Doors

If you have an old garage door that you simply unlock with a key and lift by hand, then it’s fairly easy to break in. You may want to update your garage door with a sectional overhead door. These doors are heavier, and their integration into a track system makes it difficult to pry through the door while it is closed. You can also install a roll-up door which is just as durable. Modern tilt-up doors and sliding barn doors are fairly secure as well, and locking mechanisms can be installed on these doors to improve their security.

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