Here at Front Range Raynor, we’ve got a thing for garages. And as Northern Colorado’s source for garage door installs, repairs, and parts, we’ve met a few fellow enthusiasts throughout the years. We find that folks are putting more and more into their garage spaces, making these often neglected areas into some of the best spaces a home could have. If you’re considering an overhaul for your garage, we’d be happy to help you along the way. To get started, check out our list of improvements that you might want to add to your garage renovation.

Upgrade Your Storage

If you’re like most Americans, then your garage is likely more filled with boxes whose contents haven’t seen the light of day for months, if not years. To reclaim your garage space, you should make your storage more efficient. Install cabinetry, shelving, and even overhead shelves to get some of that space back — you may even be able to pull a car or two into the garage! Now’s a good time to go through all of that stuff that’s strewn about your garage too.

Organize Your Tools

On top of storing all those items that you cherish enough to keep, yet not enough to bring into your home, you should also take some time to organize your tools. Craft a workbench with a shelf underneath to store power tools (and to give yourself space for all of your projects). Put up a pegboard to store hand tools. Hang hooks, eye screws, you name it to get all of those tools that you’ve collected off of the floor, yet within arm’s reach.

Make Entry Easy & Safe

If you’re still opening and closing your garage door by hand, then your door is pretty archaic. Invest in an operator (the overhead motor) to give yourself remote control. Or opt to install a coded entry system if you already have an automated garage. You can also invest in a camera (including live, remote access cameras) to ensure that your garage and home are better protected. And of course, you should invest in a few remote controls to toss in each of your vehicles.

Coat the Floors

If you’re tired of looking at an oil-stained concrete floor in your garage, then it’s time to invest in an epoxy coating. Epoxy floors help to protect the concrete slabs of your garage, while improving its aesthetic. Plus, these floors are easier to clean, even if oil should spill on them again in the future.

Install a Central Vac

If you’re constantly playing catchup with dust, sawdust, and dirt in your garage, then you’ll love the ease of use of a central vac. Tack a vacuum onto one of the walls of your garage along with a ceiling-mounted hose system to make cleanup as easy as possible. A central vacuum is especially useful for woodworkers and others that turn their garage into their workspace.

Upgrade Your Door

Don’t like your garage door? Or do you have a door that’s nearly off its rails? It’s time for an upgrade. Install a carriage house-style door to give your home added character. Or invest in a door with window panels to bring natural light into the space. If you’re shopping around for new garage doors, we’d be happy to have you at our showroom.

Garage Upgrades From Front Range Raynor

Regardless of the improvements that you have in mind for your garage, we’re always here to help with the door. As we mentioned, we provide garage door installation, repair, and parts for folks throughout Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming from our hometown of Fort Collins. Reach out to us to learn more about our services and to get a quote for your upcoming project!