Your garage has so much potential, yet it’s sat there with exposed drywall (or exposed studs) for the last decade. It’s finally time to turn your garage into the renovated, useful space you’ve always dreamed of. But where should you begin? Well, in our last blog, Improvements to Create the Ultimate Garage Part I, we talked about storage, easy clean up, installing a new door, and other additions that will surely get you started. Today, we’re wrapping up our list with a few more renovation projects that you can tackle to upgrade and update your garage.

Update Your Lighting

If your garage is like most garages in America, it’s lit with a single exposed light bulb. That’s a sad truth and something worth changing. Update the lighting in your garage with warmer light, a better light fixture or even a new garage door that lets natural light poor in. These days, you can install window-panelled garage doors that will flood your space with natural light. Or, you can go with a classic carriage house-style garage door that swings open, making your garage feel as if it’s open air. Whatever you do, it’s going to be better than that dingy little light bulb.

Automatic Cord Reels

If your garage is a workspace, then it’s likely that power tools are strewn about throughout the space. And, since most garages only have outlets on one or two walls, it can prove inconvenient to work, since you’ll need extension cords to hook up those tools. Invest in an automatic cord reel to give your garage a central access point for electricity. We recommend installing a cord reel in the center of your garage hanging from the ceiling. There, you can easily pull down the cord, hook up whatever tool you need, and get to work. When your done, you can whip the cord back into the reel with a single tug. Easy peasy.

Install a Speaker System

Whether you use your garage as a lounge area or a workspace, it can always be improved with a speaker system. I mean, who doesn’t like music? Or podcasts? Or audiobooks? Regardless of your taste, a speaker system will make your activities more enjoyable and your space more personal.

Acoustic Panels

On the flip side, you may want to make your activities quieter to the neighbors and whoever happens to be in your house. Install acoustic panels across the surfaces of your walls to absorb loud noises. This pro tip can be helpful for anyone from metalworkers to metal bands.

Garage Upgrades From Front Range Raynor

When it comes to your garage, we know how this space has special potential. Here at Front Range Raynor, we want you to make the most of your garage with our upgrades and installations. Give us a call to learn about our specialized garage doors and our upgraded parts designed to transform your garage. You can also visit our showroom in Fort Collins to see some of the amazing doors that we offer!